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SoftPerfect RAM Disk Changelog

  • All graphics and icons are now vector images and scale to any DPI on high-resolution displays.
  • Added the time of the last image file update to the main view.
  • Added custom cluster size setting for file systems.
  • Fixed an error when deleting a RAM disk.
  • Fixed an issue with creating long nested folders.
  • Optimised memory allocation to reduce creation time for large disks.
  • Optimised memory zero filling to improve disk initialisation time.
  • Added exFAT support offering reduced overhead and better performance over NTFS.
  • Added nested folders support for boot-time RAM disks similar to logon-time ones.
  • Boot-time disks retain their mount state between reboots like logon-time disks.
  • Simplified update procedure: just install a newer version over and reboot.
  • Fixed a few issues when running under Driver Verifier.
  • Where possible use NX memory allocations for added security.
  • Added new EV digital signature and passed Microsoft driver certification.
  • Added compatibility with Device Guard on Windows 10 and Server 2016.
  • Added /rem and /hdd command line switches in the console version.
  • Fixed a stability issue when one or more system disks were dynamic.
  • Added console version to create on-demand RAM disks from a service or script.
  • Product is no longer free for home users: licence fee applies.
  • Fixed memory allocation in a specific NUMA node when requested.
  • Windows 2016 Server and Windows 10 Anniversary support.
  • Fixed a BSOD when a boot-time volume couldn't be mounted.
  • Fixed creating VHDX and similar files on HDD-emulated disks.
  • Added Windows 10 compatibility and fixed issues with the product.
  • Added executing *.bat and *.cmd files in automatically started apps.
  • Allowed to manually save data to image even when data persistence is off.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Virtual CloneDrive.
  • Fixed freezing on shutdown when using HDD emulation with an image.
  • Fixed an issue with NTFS formatting with a volume label.
  • Fixed an issue with NTFS formatting with the HDD emulation.
  • Added an option to select a NUMA node on Windows 8 and higher.
  • Fixed /force command that did not work if the RAM disk GUI was running.
  • Fixed maxing out CPU on image-based RAM disks with periodic data saving.
  • Fixed Task Manager crashes on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.
  • Fixed an obscure startup crash in Samsung Magician.
  • Fixed an issue when creating more than one disk on Windows 7 and above.
  • Improved Windows 8.1 compatibility and better dynamic disks support.
  • Fixed not mounting a boot-time volume with an image file attached.
  • Fixed a few stability issues and slightly improved I/O performance.
  • Added complete hard-disk emulation (for volume snapshots, shadow copy, etc).
  • Improved support for large in-memory volumes on 32-bit systems.
  • Added on-demand saving to image files and the /save command line switch.
  • Numerous improvements and bug fixes, including Windows 8.1 support.
  • Fixed periodic saving to newly created boot-time image based disks.
  • Added flushing disk cache after writing to disk images for more reliability.
  • Fixed creating and mounting large image files.
  • Fixed corruption of large files on NTFS based RAM disks.
  • Major optimisation with performance gains 20% to 900% in various tests.
  • Added Greek language and others updated.
  • EULA changed for commercial organisations.
  • This software is freeware as of this release.
  • Added multilingual support and several built-in languages.
  • Added differential writing of disk images (only changed blocks are saved).
  • Added Windows 8 support.
  • Application has been made fully 64-bit when installed on 64-bit systems.
  • Fixed occasional GUI startup crash when boot-time volumes were in use.
  • Mounted image files can now also be ejected from Windows Explorer.
  • Fixed a bug that could randomly cause the system to freeze.
  • Added automatically created folders on a boot-time RAM disk.
  • Added periodic saving RAM disk contents to an image file for a logon-time RAM disk.
  • Fixed editing RAM disks with an associated image file (resulted in a file locked message).
  • Fixed incompatibility with Rollback RX and a few other issues.
  • Added command line options support and environment variables support for automatically launched applications.
  • Added waiting until a launched application fully starts before launching another to prevent system slowdown.
  • Added showing the actual file system instead of RAW and real disk size for image-based disks.
  • Added command line switches support to create and manipulate RAM disks via a command line interface.
  • Added compressed NTFS volumes support to save RAM disk space.
  • Added creation of preformatted image files.
  • Fixed formatting newly created image files that could cause Windows Vista / Seven to hang during formatting.
  • Various minor improvements and tweaks.
  • Improved multiuser environment support (correct handling of multiple logons where disk with the same name is already mounted).
  • Added configurable volume label accessible via advanced disk properties.
  • Newly created disks now have indexing attribute turned off by default.
  • Added mount/unmount all disks command and an expanded popup menu in the system tray providing quick access to major features.
  • Added boot-time disk support (RAM disks mounted before user logon) making the software usable for servers and server applications. It is also now possible to place the pagefile on such a disk.
  • Numerous optimisations throughout the product. Subject to the host OS, projected performance gains compared to the previous version are about 10% for sequential I/O, 30-50% for large block I/O and 400-600% for small block I/O.
  • Fixed inability to change disk properties if its new size added with the current size exceeded available RAM.
  • Fixed editing TMP/TEMP variables as they became non-expandable after editing, which caused issues with values like %USERPROFILE%.
  • Allows to create disks of up 95% of the available RAM.
  • Added editing RAM disks (changing properties).
  • Added on-demand on-line checking for updates.
  • Made other minor tweaks.
  • Fixed inability to create volumes over 2 GB.
  • Added 64-bit systems support.
  • Added Mount/Unmount commands.
  • Added several new global options.
  • Added user manual.
  • Several tweaks and fixes throughout the product.
  • Distribution terms changed to 30-day trial.
  • Added ram-disk import/export feature.
  • Added Windows TEMP/TMP environment variable editor.
  • The first beta-version of our new RAM disk product has been released. We appreciate any feedback.